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Democratic Farmer Labor Party of Minnesota


St. Paul City DFL




Saturday, April 30, 2005                                                         Arlington High School

9:30 a.m.                                                                                 Rice & Arlington

                                                                                                St. Paul





Registration: 8:30 a.m.


I.                 Call to Order 9:30 a.m.

a.      Presentation of Colors

b.     Pledge of Allegiance

II.               School Board Candidate Question & Answer Period

III.             Credentials Committee preliminary report- 10 a.m. time certain

IV.            Rules Committee’s Report

a.      Adoption of Agenda

b.     Adoption of Rules

V.              Reading of Affirmative Action Statement

VI.            Election of permanent Convention Co-Chairs

VII.          Election of Ward delegation chairs

VIII.        Treasurer’s Report

IX.            Constitution/Resolution Committee’s 1st Report

X.              Nominations for Mayor

XI.            Mayoral Candidate Question & Answer Period (30 minutes)

XII.          Endorsement for Mayor and School Board in Alternating Ballots

a.      Updated Credentials Committee Report

b.     First Endorsement Ballot for Mayor

c.      School Board Nominations

d.     First Endorsement Ballot for School Board

e.      Alternating Endorsement Ballots for Mayor and School Board

XIII.        Nominations Committee’s Report; Election of Officers

a.      Secretary

b.     Affirmative Action Officer

c.      DFL-endorsed Public Official Directors (2, one of each gender)

XIV.        Constitution/Resolution Committee’s 2nd Report

XV.          Other Business

XVI.        Adjournment


Note: Candidates and Public Officials wishing to address the Convention will be allowed, as time permits, only after the 1st ballot for Mayoral Endorsement has been cast.