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September, 2005

City DFL
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November, 2003

January, 2003

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Coleman, DFL School Board Candidates Moving to General Election

The primary votes have been cast and our endorsed candidate for Mayor, Chris Coleman, and our three endorsed School Board candidates, Elona Street-Stewart, Tom Goldstein, and John Brodrick are all moving to the general election.

Thanks to everybody who made this effort such a success. Now the real fun begins. We will need to work even harder in the few weeks we have between now and November 8. Help us move Saint Paul forward!

Just days until the General Election.

Central Committee Meeting - POSTPONED

With the pace of campaigning in advance of the September 13 Primary, we have not been able to make the arrangements for expected Central Committee meeting originally scheduled for August 31. We will be providing notice when that meeting can be held. In the meantime, check out the volunteer opportunities for our endorsed candidates for Mayor and School Board. They appreciate the help.

Treasurer Position Open

Mike Haubrich, the City DFL Treasurer, is stepping down. The Executive Committee has thanked Mike for his tireless efforts in that very important job. This also means that the City DFL is looking for a Treasurer. The position keeps the financial records of contributions and expenditures, prepares the receipts for the Political Contribution Refund program, and submits reports to the Campaign Finance Board in the required format. The new Treasurer will be selected at the next Central Committee meeting.

Coleman Campaign Gains Endorsements

With the St. Paul Federation of Teachers endorsement, DFL-endorsed mayoral candidate Chris Coleman is showing the City the big tent approach to elections. From the Firefighters to the SEIU, from the Teachers to the Building Trades, the people that make Saint Paul work are working to make Chris Coleman our next Mayor. Check out the whole list. And jump on the bandwagon!

Goldstein Launches Website

Tom Goldstein, DFL-endorsed candidate for Saint Paul School Board, has launched his campaign website at Find out about his positions, background, how to volunteer and, of course, donate to help Tom get his message out. And don't forget about our two other DFL-endorsed candidates, incumbents John Brodrick and Elona Street-Stewart

Rondo Days Parade

Betty McCollum, Chris Coleman,
Corky Finney, Elona Street-Stewart
Tom Goldstein, and John Brodrick
kick off the DFL contingent in the Rondo Parade.
Betty, Chris, Corky, Tom, Elona, and John
Firefighters are leading the
way for all of our campaigns.
the DFL parade contingent
Chris Coleman was
well-received all
along the parade.
Coleman meeting parade-goers
So now we know where
all those "Finney's running"
rumors came from.
Coleman, Finney and friends, running hard to get your vote.

St. Paul City DFL Endorses Coleman

Chris Coleman was endorsed in his campaign for Mayor by the City DFL at its Convention, held on April 30 at Arlington High School. Chris Coleman, Ramsey County Commissioner Raphael Ortega, and former School Board member Claudia Swanson each sought endorsement. On the second ballot, Commissioner Ortega withdrew his name from consideration, and Coleman was unanimously endorsed. Chris Coleman's campaign for Mayor is underway, and more information is available at his campaign website.

Brodrick, Street-Stewart, and Goldstein Endorsed for School Board

Incumbents John Brodrick and Elona Street-Stewart were endorsed on the first ballot for reelection to the Saint Paul School Board. Joining them will be Tom Goldstein, in his first run for the School Board. Stop back for more information about their campaigns and for information on how to volunteer.

St. Paul DFL Seeks Input on Convention

Are you a delegate, alternate, or active DFLer who attended the City Convention? Then Stu Alger and Lynn Taplin, the Chair and Assoc. Chair of the City DFL, want to hear from you. Complete the convention questionaire [html version][also available in Word format and mail or email it in. We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Chris Coleman
kicks off the parade
with St. Paul's Firefighters.
Chris with Firefighters

Rafael, Betty, and Chris
Coming together
in a demonstration
of Party unity.
School Board candidate
Tom Goldstein

Tom Goldstein

What's a parade without meeting?

And greeting ....


And more meeting
And more meeting!

Betty McCollum
finds that firefighters
tell great jokes.

Betty McCollum and Firefighters

Never Park the Bus
And by the way,
we will
Never Park the Bus!

City DFL Convention - Recap

Approximately 530 City DFL Convention delegates gathered on April 30, at Arlington High School[map]. Candidates were endorsed for Mayor and Saint Paul School Board. Several party positions were filled. Resolutions were debated and voted upon. Results will be posted here when they are available.

City DFL Core Documents

The City DFL structure is established by its Constitution and Bylaws. This document sets out the mechanisms for carrying out Party business and is open for amendments at the City Convention. Delegates and Alternates to the Convention will receive an Official Call. For the City Convention, the proceedings are governed by the Agenda and Rules. These documents are proposals, the delegates will decide and vote on the agenda and rules at the beginning of the Convention. Also to be voted on are the resolutions [PDF format] passed at the Ward conventions.

St. Paul City DFL Officers Elected

The City DFL Central Committee met on January 27 and elected Stu Alger as the new St. Paul City DFL Chair. Stu is an Assistant Attorney General with the Minnesota Attorney General's office, and recently ran for City Council in Ward 1. Along with Stu, Lynn Taplin was elected Associate Chair. Lynn is an attorney specializing in family law, with a focus on mediation. Also elected at the meeting was the new Treasuer, Mike Haubrich.

City DFL Contacts

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Saint Paul Ward map


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