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February, 2002

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Precinct Caucuses - March 5, 2002

Precinct Caucuses are set for Tuesday, March 5, 2002.  These are the traditional caucuses, where resolutions are voted upon and delegates selected for the Senate District Convention.  Because of redistricting and the possibility of Representative Entenza running for Attorney General, SD64 is having two conventions this year.   The first "old district" convention will he held March 12, 2002 (location TBA, but probably Highland Sr. High). Registration at 6:30 p.m. - done by 9:00. The only business to be conducted is voting on resolutions from the precinct caucuses and selecting State Convention Delegates.  

So if you want to have a say in who gets the DFL endorsement in State-wide races, get to your Precinct Caucus and get elected as a delegate to the SD64 convention. Once selected as a delegate, you can attend both the "old" and "new" SD64 conventions. Just one week later, you'll be picking delegates to the DFL State Convention in May.

The second "new district" convention will be held on April 16 at Highland Senior High starting at 7 p.m. We hope to welcome some new people as SD64 grows! The date has been moved up to accommodate the 4th Congressional District Convention, which is scheduled for April 27.

Caucus Locations:

Ward 2 precincts (in SD64): 3rd Floor of Linwood A+, 1043 Osceola

Ward 3 precincts (all): Highland Senior High

Ward 4 precincts (in SD64): Ramsey Jr High

Don't know your precinct? Find it at the Secretary of State's Database. The results will show your polling place and, below that, precinct name, in the format of ST PAUL W-3 P- 5. Translated, it means Saint Paul's Ward 3, Precinct 5 (your particular ward and precinct may vary). Remember, this is precinct caucus night, not election night, so don't show up at your polling place.

Want to know more about the process? Read the Official Call (requires Acrobat Reader).

More information will be posted as it becomes available. I hope we see you there.

Michael Lewis
D-Zine Editor/Ward 3 DFL Chair
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