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November, 2002

Michael Lewis

Karmen Lee Ortloff

Ken Iosso

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Michael Lewis

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Fritz Blitz

Fritz Blitz - Win one for Paul!

Sure, we can put together a campaign in no time.  After all, that's all the time we have.  We've got a nominee and lots of willing campaign workers.

Fritz meets the volunteers

But what's a campaign without a button?  Even the staff won't have these until Sunday.  But you can do it yourself to beat them to it.

D-I-Y Campaign Button.

Just right-click on the button image and save it on your computer (where you can find it again, of course).  Open your word processing software (Word, WordPerfect, or whatever Apple is putting out these days) and insert the picture in a new document.   You can use a table in the document to provide some spacing if you like. Most wordprocessors will allow you to adjust the size of the picture to fit the way you like.  Print (inkjet works o.k. - photoprinters are great). You can even print off full pages of this campaign necessity, so long as your printer has enough memory.   Cut out the individual button and paste (to cardboard or even an old button you don't really need any more).  You can let your imagination run wild.  Impress your friends.  Go, Fritz!  Just remember to remove it before entering the polling place (and put it back on as soon as you leave).


Michael Lewis
D-Zine Editor/Ward 3 DFL Chair
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