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Minnesota DFL – SENATE DISTRICT 64 – 2004 Resolutions



SD 64 Chair: Mitch Gordon 651- 698-4764

SD 64 Resolutions Committee Chair: Sharon Sudman 651-699-7132 (address questions about this document)




B U S I N E S S   A N D   C O M M U N I T Y   D E V E L O P M E N T


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           001                  …the DFL Party support legislation to modify state corporate charters to require corporations to be more responsible to the environment, human rights, public health and safety, communities in which corporations operate, and the dignity and well-being of their employees.

Passed           002                  …the DFL Party support sufficient government funding to purchase and protect Pilot Knob/Oheyawahi from development, remain undisturbed as a burial ground, and preserved for present and future generations.

Passed           003                  …the DFL Party continue to support constituency groups such as labor unions, environmental organizations, social justice organizations and family farm organizations to further strengthen the bonds between our progressive coalitions.



C I V I L ,   H U M A N ,   A N D   C O N S T I T U T I O N A L   R I G H T S


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           004                  …the DFL Party support reproductive freedom of choice as established by Roe v. Wade.                               

Passed           005                  …the United States obey all international treaties to which we are signatory, and sign and obey all treaties and laws which  protect human rights and promote peace and freedom across the globe, refusing financial or military aid to human rights abusers, but aiding the efforts of peoples working toward self-determination with nonviolent, cooperative support.

Passed           006                  …the DFL Party oppose the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Passed           007                  …the DFL Party oppose any constitutional amendments that ban the legal recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions and / or domestic partner registries. 

Passed           008                  …the DFL Party uphold and defend the Minnesota Human Rights Act in its entirety.

Passed           009                  …the DFL Party oppose any circumvention of the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution.

Passed           010                  …the United States repeal the Patriot Act.

Passed           011                  …the United States Congress revoke any sections of the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and other federal legislation that limits or violates fundamental rights and liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights; and ensure enforcement of the sunset provisions of the Patriot Act.

Passed           011                  …the DFL Party oppose any government efforts, including those of Attorney General John Ashcroft, to subpoena women’s medical records of abortions.

Passed           013                  …the DFL Party oppose any proposed changes to Section 8 legislation that would further reduce or limit eligibility for affordable housing and increase homelessness, and urge our legislators to vote likewise.

Passed           014                  …the DFL Party support the Develop, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act which would provide a road to legalization for students who were brought to the United States originally as undocumented children, and who have grown up here, but are currently precluded from applying for immigration benefits (such as residency, employment authorization, and eligibility for student loans) in order to finish school, work, and fully contribute to our nation.

Passed           015                  …the DFL Party support the rights of refugees and international law applicable to refugees and asylum seekers.





Be it resolved, that:


Passed           016                  …all federally mandated educational programs be matched with full federal funding.

Passed           017                  …the DFL Party support legislation and policies that restore cuts in education funding and ensure the excellence of our public schools by fully funding comprehensive curriculum and services.

Passed           018                  …the DFL Party support reasonable state funding for pre-K and K-12 public education, and at minimum cover inflationary and other cost increases that are not controllable at the local level.

Passed           019                  …the DFL party support full federal funding at the 40% level for special education as promised in previously passed legislation.

Passed           020                  …the DFL Party support professional salaries and benefits for education employees. 

Passed           020                  …the DFL Party support uniform and equal educational opportunities for all students.

Passed           022                  …the DFL Party support a commitment to improving our young children’s school readiness by increased funding for quality childhood programs.

Passed           022                  …the DFL Party support funding for Early Childhood Family Education and School Readiness and other such programs be fully restored to previous (2002–2003) levels and be protected from future budget cuts.

Passed           024                  …tax credits be increased for working families and businesses that support childcare.






Be it resolved, that:


Passed           025                  …encourage the Public Utilities Commission to strongly enforce the Renewable Energy Objective goals.




G O V E R N M E N T   A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y   T O   T H E   P U B L I C


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           026                  …the DFL Party support the revision of election laws to enact Instant Runoff Voting for all elections in the State of Minnesota in which candidates run with party designation.

Passed           027                  …the United States take all possible measures to establish paper trails at both state and national levels for all electronic voting machines, so that contested vote counts can be verified by a separate process.

Passed           028                  …a clean elections campaign finance system be established as law in Minnesota, such as the one proposed by the Fair and Clean Elections (FACE) bills, which contains the following elements: candidates have the option of nearly full public financing if they agree to forego almost all private contributions; the size of the contributions individuals and PACs can give to political parties and legislative caucuses is limited; the unfair advantages caused by independent expenditures are reduced; and grassroots participation in the political process is encouraged.

Passed           029                  …the DFL Party strongly support an independent, nonpartisan judiciary and oppose attempts to politicize these important offices.



H E A L T H   A N D   H U M A N   S E R V I C E S


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           030     …the DFL Party support legislation to prohibit smoking in any closed public place, including places of employment, restaurants and bars.


Passed           031     …the DFL Party call upon the state of Minnesota to support the goal that, by the year 2012, all Minnesotans will have the opportunity to own or rent a safe, decent, and affordable home.

Passed           032     …the DFL Party support a comprehensive plan to end long-term homelessness, especially for children, which is then given sufficient resources and services to be a success in the years to come.

Passed           033     …the DFL Party support state and federal funding for reproductive health services; including access to family planning, HIV/STI prevention and for age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sexuality education.

Passed           034     …the DFL Party support an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that establishes the right of every Minnesota resident to basic, affordable health care.

Passed           035     …the DFL Party support legislation to create a government-supervised single-payer health care plan that ensures universal health care coverage to all.

Passed           036     …the DFL Party support legislation that provides universal health care coverage for all children under the age of 18.

Passed           037     …the DFL Party support requirements for health insurance companies, including Medicare, to provide the same level of benefits for mental health and chemical dependency care as for other kinds of health care.

Passed           038     …the DFL Party support stem cell research that remains within generally accepted scientific guidelines, to find treatment and cures for such diseases as Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.



L A B O R    A N D   E M P L O Y M E N T


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           039                  …the DFL Party, our candidates, and our elected officials oppose any attempts to change, diminish, or eliminate protections for public employees under current Minnesota Law.

Passed           040                  …the DFL Party actively assist working people to form or join labor unions by advocating legislation to protect workers' organizing rights, opposing the use of public funds to block organizing efforts, asking employees to maintain neutrality, and other supportive actions. 

Passed           041                  …the DFL Party oppose changes to the federal overtime rules and regulations that would remove eligibility of current workers to receive overtime pay.

Passed           042                  …the minimum wage be raised up to the poverty line for a family of three and indexed for inflation. (For 2003 this requires a minimum wage of $7.34.)



N A T U R A L   R E S O U R C E S   &   T H E   E N V I R O N M E N T


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           043                  …the DFL Party support initiatives that install state-of-the-art mercury control technologies on all coal-fired power plants.

Passed           044                  …the DFL Party urge the state of Minnesota to establish enforceable mercury reduction targets based on a 90% reduction by 2010, and virtual elimination by 2020.

Passed           045                  …the DFL Party support the Kyoto Treaty and work for the signing of the treaty by the U.S.

Passed           046                  …the few remaining portions of Minnesota’s old growth forests on public land be protected from logging for the benefit and enjoyment for our and future generations.

Passed           047                  …our national, state, and local elected officials increase public investment for the purposes of protecting and managing our urban and rural tree resources.

Passed           048                  …the approximately 89,000 acres of roadless area near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness should be permanently protected for future generations.



P U B L I C   S A F E T Y   &   C R I M E   P R E V E N T I O N


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           049                  …the Minnesota Legislature repeal or significantly revise the Minnesota Personal Protection Act of 2003.

Passed           050                  …Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation extend and strengthen the “assault weapons” ban.

Passed           051                  …the State of Minnesota reinstate the five million dollars of state funding that was cut during the last three years from programs for battered women, victims of sexual assault, child abuse, and other crimes.



T A X   A N D   B U D G E T   P O L I C Y


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           052                  …the DFL Party support closing loopholes that allow companies to headquarter offshore, thereby not paying U.S. taxes.






This space intentionally blank.



W O R L D   A F F A I R S


Be it resolved, that:


Passed           053                  …the United States renounce the doctrine of preemptive war, promote the rebuilding of a cooperative international community through the United Nations and other international organizations, and work to resolve serious international problems such as terrorism, genocide, nuclear proliferation, and tyrannical regimes, through the use of diplomacy, the promotion of democracy, focused nonviolent intervention, and peaceful conflict resolution.

Passed           054                  …the United States work to eliminate the threat of nuclear war by implementing all treaties supporting nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, test bans and the non-nuclearizing of space, by discontinuing current programs, foreswearing future plans to develop new, nuclear weapons, and by a systematic reduction and destruction of our current, nuclear arsenals. 

Passed           055                  …the United States work to eliminate land mines.

Passed           056                  …The President and Congress of the United States support full and prompt payment of United Nations dues which are owed by the United States, supporting full use of and participation with the United Nations in our efforts to achieve world peace throughout the world.