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Proposed By (Name):__________________________________________________

In case of questions, contact (Name, Organization):_________________________________

Phone Number:_________________________________

City:  Saint Paul, Ward ____________, Precinct:__________  Fourth Congressional District



BE IT RESOLVED THAT: (Print or attach your resolution here)



























This resolution should be considered under the following category:

___Agriculture ___Health and Human Services

___Business & Community Development ___Labor and Employment

___Civil, Human, and Constitutional Rights ___Natural Resources & the Environment

___Consumer Issues ___Public Safety & Crime Prevention

___Education ___Tax and Budget Policy

___Government Accountability to the Public ___World Affairs

___Party Issues (Will not be included in the Action Agenda items.)

___Local Issues (City/County) (Forward to the appropriate elected body, not the Platform Commission.)

This resolution was: ___ Adopted ___ Defeated by:

___ A voice vote.

___ A recorded vote of: ______Yes ______No ______Abstain

(A majority consists of more than half of those voting, not counting blanks and abstentions.)

 (NOTE: Incomplete forms may be rejected)