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September, 2003

Michael Lewis

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Michael Lewis

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What, Me Worry?

The questionable wisdom of Dennis Miller was on display Tuesday night. On Jay Leno's Tonight Show, Miller said, " I don't worry about the deficit." He asked, rhetorically, "Do we actually owe that to anybody?" Miller's most astounding comment was his magic budget bullet -- "just don't pay it [back]."

Well, here's a news flash Dennis. Yes, we do owe that money -- more of it every day. The largest single lender -- the Social Security Trust Fund. Not paying the money back means the bankruptcy of that system in this generation.

Never mind the inevitable comparisions to the economies of Central and South America (of which Chile and Argentina are excellent examples). The kind of government debt we are amassing cannibalizes our economic growth. Adding the inevitable termination of Social Security is just one more way to move us faster from hyperpower to hyperinflation. And throwing the Greatest Generation back into poverty in the bargain. But that's o.k. -- because Dennis isn't worried.


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