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September, 2003

Michael Lewis

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Michael Lewis

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Told You So

As Secretary of State Colin Powell sits down to a delightful repast of crow (with brie and chocolates on the side) at the U.N. Security Council, many commentators have avoided reminding the Administration and its supporters of the dire warnings that had been given about going it (almost) alone. The same warnings were given about going to war without the Security Council and without developing a coalition that believed in our cause to the point of committing significant amounts of troops and money.

Those of us who objected were told, just wait because the facts would prove the administration right. Secretary of War, er, Defense Donald Rumsfeld told us that the evidence was, to use his word, "bulletproof." Well, the facts are in. No WMDs. No connection to al Qaeda. No ongoing programs that could produce the weapons that we went to war over. And that "bulletproof" evidence? Secretary Rumsfeld now maintains he never said that (Nevermind those DoD transcripts to the contrary).

When we objected to the war as premature (at least) and unjustified (at worst), the supporters mocked and jeered. We'll see who's right, they said. With rising casualty counts, no "roadmap" apparent, and the Administration policy on Iraq in disarray, the words Viet Nam and quagmire being bandied about, I think we have seen who's right.

Told you so.


Michael Lewis
D-Zine Editor/Ward 3 DFL Chair
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