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The following Affirmative Action Statement is to be read at

precinct meetings, party conventions, and other meetings where elections occur:

“The goal of affirmative action is to recruit individuals for political activity in the DFL and the Democratic process of our government. The DFL is an active participant in the struggle to end all forms of bigotry and discrimination. As part of our commitment to ending discrimination, we seek to increase the participation of members of those communities that have been traditionally shut out of and/or underrepresented in the political process. As part of this commitment, we will seek to elect members of these communities to positions both within the DFL Party and in public office. These

efforts will be directed toward all underrepresented communities.”


After the Affirmative Action Statement has been read, the

Affirmative Action Reminder may be read in lieu of the full

Affirmative Action Statement.



“As you vote, remember that the DFL encourages those who are underrepresented to participate in DFL Party activities.  Now is the time to empower those with less opportunity.”



Discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion, economic

status, ethnic identity, national origin, color, sexual and affectional orientation, disability or veteran status in the conduct of Minnesota DFL affairs is prohibited.


Call to Order. The meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m. as follows:

·          Call to order by caucus convenor.

·          Orientation on precinct meeting business.

·          Read the DFL Affirmation Statement (top of the registration roll)

·          Read the Affirmative Action Statement.

·          Elect a meeting chair.

·          Elect or appoint at least two tellers.

·          Appoint a secretary (recommended).

No quorum.  Continue till adjournment.


2. Participant Challenges. 

a)       Nonresident, b) not 16 YoA by 11/6/01, c) not supporting DFL principles, and d) not voting for DFL candidates


3. N/A


4. Party Officer Elections [2001-only if vacancies exist]. After electing meeting chair, nominate and elect precinct officers.  Read the precinct officer responsibilities described in a. and b., below, first. Read the Affirmative Action Reminder (above) aloud before each contested ballot. All contested elections shall be by secret ballot.  The following precinct officers are elected for a two-year term:

a. Precinct Chair: Officer charged with organizing the DFL Party in the precinct and representing the precinct on the county unit central committee. The chair is expected to assist with organizing the following activities, in conjunction with the local party unit and campaigns:

·          be involved in the county unit central committee.

·          communicate with precinct meeting participants about

·          distribution of the DFL sample ballot and campaign lit.

·          a get-out-the-vote effort at election time.

·          organize residents willing to work on campaigns or have lawn signs

 b. Two Associate Chairs: At least one must be of the

opposite gender from the Chair. These officers help the Chair in party activities and may be the alternate for the Precinct Chair on the county unit central committee.


5. Ward Convention Delegate and Alternate Election.

Eligible if 18 YoA by election day.  Candidate by allowed, but delegate must be present at Ward Convention to vote for City delegate selection. 

If no more than allowed number seek election, no contest exists and delegates and alternates are named.  Alternates are numbered in order to be elevated.   Gender balance required.

If a contest exists, the chair asks for a show of hands on proportional representation (subcaucus) or slate voting.  Subcaucus is used if enough attendees to select one delegate so chooses.  (Walking or ballot to be used) 


EXAMPLE: In a precinct meeting of 19 participants electing 3 delegates, each delegate represents more than 6 but less than 7 participants

 (19 ¸ 3 = 6.33). Therefore, a minimum of 7 participants can require proportional voting.


After selection, distribute credentials


6. Resolutions. The precinct meeting may consider and adopt (by majority vote of those present) resolutions for modifications of the City DFL Platform or for items to be included in the City DFL Agenda.  Each resolution considered must be on the standard resolution form, must include the vote total by which it passed or failed, and must be delivered to the ward chair at the county unit convention.


7. Adjournment.  Not sooner than 1:59 p.m. 




After Adjournment, Precinct Chair must reconcile credentials (number of credentials issued + remaining =original total).  Bring resolutions, sign-in sheets, remaining credentials, and all other unused materials to Credentials Committee.  Attend Ward Convention.