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August, 2002

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Chair's Corner

Hey folks, There's quite a bit going on right now in Senate District 64 and we'd like to get as much help from all of you as possible. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities. Please take a look at the list and email me at about what you can make it to so I can get a count or fill in any needed info. Thanks!

Sunday, Sept. 1st: 64A lit drop for Matt Entenza. The start time is 1:00 pm and we'll leave from Matt Entenza's new house at 1647 Portland. (Very important for the candidates with primaries!)

Monday, Sept. 9th: 64A late night lit drop for primary races... more info to come on location. We'll head out after 10 pm. (We drop these on the windshields of cars only.)

Saturday, Sept. 14th: lawn sign blitz for Dick Cohen. More info to come.

Saturday, Sept. 28th: SD64 wide lit drop from 9:00-1:00 pm. We'll leave from Sheryl Lockwood's home.

Other events of note to 64ers: This Monday, Aug. 26th is the 82nd anniversary of Women's Right to Vote and will be celebrated with a Women's Equality event at the Women's Suffrage Garden at the State Capitol at 11:30. Bring your lunch to this great event.

Also, on Thursday, Aug. 29th, Al Franken will be at the University Club for a Wellstone fundraiser. Fun times. Suggested donation is $50.

For all of you signed up for the donut booth, thank you so much, please don't forget your shifts! Once again, please let me know which of the above events you're able to attend and please make every effort to make a couple of these... the time committment is pretty minimal, the work if fun and easy, and the benefits to our DFL team is huge. See you all on the campaign trail!

PS... please pass this on to DFL friends that may not be on our list!

Karmen Lee Ortloff
SD64 DFL Chair
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