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November, 2003

James Mogen

Associate Chair
Kathleen Murphy

Web Guru
Michael Lewis

January, 2003

 One Zine at a time

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Thank You, Saint Paul

With the election results in, we can only say to the voters of Saint Paul, thank you for your determination to go to your polling place and cast your vote. With all the results in, the DFL-endorsed candidates for School Board Anne Carroll, Kazoua Kong-Thao, and Al Oertwig came in first, second and third. All of the DFL-endorsed candidates won in their races for City Council: Dave Thune, Ward 2; Jay Benanav, Ward 4; Dan Bostrom, Ward 6; and Kathy Lantry, Ward 7.

We of the Saint Paul DFL also want to thank Brian Joyce for his effort in running for the School Board. While Brian was the only DFL-endorsed candidate who did not win on Tuesday, his good humor and perspective alone warrant mention (and the vote total for his fifth-place finish was very respectable).

Victory Party - 411 Main

St.Paul DFL Chair Jim Mogen
congratulates School Board candidates
Kazoua Kong-Thao, Al Ortwig, Anne Carroll,
and Brian Joyce on their races
Thanks, Candidates

Matt Entenza and Friends
House Minority Leader
Matt Entenza hearing from
some Saint Paul residents
The party-goers thank
Shar Knutson for graciously
hosting the evenings event

Applauding Shar Knutson

Kazoua and Friends
Kazoua Kong-Thao with
just some of her campaigners

House Minority Leader
Matt Entenza was very
popular with the party-goers

Matt Entenza and More Friends


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The Resolutions Committee has compiled the resolutions that were approved by the delegates to the City Convention. View them online.


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Michael Lewis
D-Zine Editor/Ward 3 DFL Chair
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