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January, 2003

Michael Lewis

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Michael Lewis

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First Casualty

As everybody knows, truth is the first casualty of war. Who knew it would be a friendly fire incident?

In the wierdest story that you probably haven't heard yet, the State Department of Public Safety has identified "anti tobacco" as the type of group that might engage in terrorist activity, possibly using weapons of mass destruction. Now this designation occurred as an example only, on the form that DPS made available for local governments (police and fire departments) to obtain anti-terrorism funding . The only other example provided was a generic environmental group. No mention of militias, or other groups that have actually committed terrorist acts (remember Oklahoma City?). But those anti-tobacco folks, they could go off at any moment.

Maybe DPS was confused by some of the street theater that groups like Truth (an anti-tobacco group) engage in. On September 29, 2002, in Louisville, Kentucky, Truth staged a little demonstration that looked like this:

No Activists were harmed in the making of this Ad!

Just in case anybody is confused, those folks on the ground aren't really dead - honest. They're just showing you what cigarettes can do to you. Now those are weapons of mass destruction.


Michael Lewis
D-Zine Editor/Ward 3 DFL Chair
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