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The 2006 Minnesota Straw Poll

Saint Paul DFL Straw Poll Ticket

Rocking the (straw) vote was the order of the day on Saturday as over 400 people met the candidates, shared their excitement about the upcoming electoral contests, and all the while enjoyed the music of ROADSHOW featuring Billy Johnson. Senate candidates Amy Klobuchar and Ford Bell; Governor candidates Steve Kelley, Becky Lourey, and Kelly Doran, and others shared their vision with the attendees. Everyone is looking forward to the race for the endorsement and it kicks off in earnest on March 7, with the precinct caucuses.

Check out the results.

Check out photos of the event at

See you at the caucuses.

DFLer's Sweep!

Thank you to all who voted, doorknocked, lit-dropped, telephoned, voted, did visibility, paraded, voted, worked hard, and, oh yeah, voted. It was you who made this great election result possible. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Coleman, our re-elected School Board members John Brodrick and Elona Street-Stewart, and Board member-elect Tom Goldstein. And thanks again to the voters who we do all this campaigning for, and who have amply returned the favor.

Central Committee Meeting - November 29

The Central Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, from 7:30 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Community Center, 271 Mackubin. Celebrate our success in the Mayor and School Board races, and make the City DFL stronger for the next election.

Treasurer Position Open

Mike Haubrich, the City DFL Treasurer, is stepping down. The Executive Committee has thanked Mike for his tireless efforts in that very important job. This also means that the City DFL is looking for a Treasurer. The position keeps the financial records of contributions and expenditures, prepares the receipts for the Political Contribution Refund program, and submits reports to the Campaign Finance Board in the required format. The new Treasurer will be selected at the next Central Committee meeting.

Rondo Days Parade

Betty McCollum, Chris Coleman,
Corky Finney, Elona Street-Stewart
Tom Goldstein, and John Brodrick
kick off the DFL contingent in the Rondo Parade.
Betty, Chris, Corky, Tom, Elona, and John
Firefighters are leading the
way for all of our campaigns.
the DFL parade contingent
Chris Coleman was
well-received all
along the parade.
Coleman meeting parade-goers
So now we know where
all those "Finney's running"
rumors came from.
Coleman, Finney and friends, running hard to get your vote.

St. Paul City DFL Endorses Coleman

Chris Coleman was endorsed in his campaign for Mayor by the City DFL at its Convention, held on April 30 at Arlington High School. Chris Coleman, Ramsey County Commissioner Raphael Ortega, and former School Board member Claudia Swanson each sought endorsement. On the second ballot, Commissioner Ortega withdrew his name from consideration, and Coleman was unanimously endorsed. Chris Coleman's campaign for Mayor is underway, and more information is available at his campaign website.

Brodrick, Street-Stewart, and Goldstein Endorsed for School Board

Incumbents John Brodrick and Elona Street-Stewart were endorsed on the first ballot for reelection to the Saint Paul School Board. Joining them will be Tom Goldstein, in his first run for the School Board. Stop back for more information about their campaigns and for information on how to volunteer.

St. Paul DFL Seeks Input on Convention

Are you a delegate, alternate, or active DFLer who attended the City Convention? Then Stu Alger and Lynn Taplin, the Chair and Assoc. Chair of the City DFL, want to hear from you. Complete the convention questionaire [html version][also available in Word format and mail or email it in. We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Chris Coleman
kicks off the parade
with St. Paul's Firefighters.
Chris with Firefighters

Rafael, Betty, and Chris
Coming together
in a demonstration
of Party unity.
School Board candidate
Tom Goldstein

Tom Goldstein

What's a parade without meeting?

And greeting ....


And more meeting
And more meeting!

Betty McCollum
finds that firefighters
tell great jokes.

Betty McCollum and Firefighters

Never Park the Bus
And by the way,
we will
Never Park the Bus!

City DFL Core Documents

The City DFL structure is established by its Constitution and Bylaws. This document sets out the mechanisms for carrying out Party business and is open for amendments at the City Convention. Delegates and Alternates to the Convention will receive an Official Call. For the City Convention, the proceedings are governed by the Agenda and Rules. These documents are proposals, the delegates will decide and vote on the agenda and rules at the beginning of the Convention. Also to be voted on are the resolutions [PDF format] passed at the Ward conventions.

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